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Business Registration Made Simple

Our goal at Nbt Associates is to simplify the business formation process for you and your colleagues. Through in-depth consultations, we learn about your business’s unique goals and needs, which allows us to tailor solutions that best suit you. From strategic tax planning to business plans and investing advice, we do it all.

With our services, you can also expect:

  • Entity selection and formation
  • New business consulting
  • Incorporation and business establishment
  • Financing advice
  • Cash flow monitoring and advice

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Forming a Company: We Can Help

There is more to forming a corporation than selecting a name and creating a website. Our advisors can guide you through the necessary processes to become a legitimate company. Here is a general guideline that we follow:

Entity Selection: Select the type of entity for your corporation.

Choose a location: Find a location where the tax rate can benefit you, then get a phone number and separate merchant and bank account.

Qualify: Meet the requirements to form that corporation. This includes a company name, working with a registered agent that will sign and help process your documents, providing names and addresses of the people, receiving a federal employer identification number.